History sub settles in

Sophomore and senior history students are entering the semester with a new face heading their classes.

Jenny Roebuck is teaching sophomore world history and senior AP Comparative Government classes for Michael Stafford, who is on family leave to care for his newborn daughter, Caroline Grace Stafford.

“I am absolutely excited to be here,” said Roebuck. “I appreciate this school for its ideal community with unique teacher-student relationships.”

Roebuck previously substituted at Stuart Hall for Boys and heard of an opening in the girls high school.

“I always was interested in the girls school,” Roebuck said. “It’s so clear how cohesive everything is, and how much people care about learning, about each other, and about this school.”

“She makes the material relevant to us like Mr. Stafford does,” said senior Maggie Flannery. “It gives us a chance to learn with new methods at the same time.”

Stafford is expected to return on February 8.

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