Sacred Heart students from New Orleans visit

Juniors Madeline Kling, Grace Raymond and Eva Fenasci, who attend Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, relax in Belvedere after school. the girls arrived on Saturday.

Laura Mogannam, In-House Media Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Four juniors from Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans are visiting the community until Wednesday for a four-day exchange.

The students — Madeline Kling, Chase McLanahan, Grace Raymond and Eva Fenasci — are staying separately with juniors Amelia Estes and Molly Brown and seniors Sarah Mahnke-Baum and Francesca Petruzzelli.

“I really wanted to come to another Sacred Heart school,” Raymond said. “I knew that San Francisco would have a bunch of fun and cool activities that we could do.”

Most of the girls did not know their hosts before arriving, except for one. McLanahan said that she met Brown last summer during the Sacred Heart service trip, Rebuild Nola, in New Orleans.

Despite wanting to come to Convent for different reasons, all of the girls enjoyed touring around San Francisco and seeing many of its well-known sites.

“We saw the Full House house and the Golden Gate Bridge,” Kling said. “We also went to go see the Pacific Ocean, which was cool because I had never seen it before.”

The students also noticed many similarities and differences between the two Sacred Heart schools and cities after their first two days in San Francisco.

Academy of the Sacred Heart similarly has chapel once a week, espacio and sings Cœur de Jesu, but Convent does not have any RSCJs on campus or as strict of a uniform as they do, according to McLanahan.

“I like that some parts of the school are the same like the Goals, but it’s also cool to have differences like the fun assembly yesterday,” Kling said. “And we all say y’all, and no one here says y’all.”