Exchange students join school community


Junior Mason Cooney collaborates with German visitor Smilla Witte during history class. Witte arrived nearly a month ago.

Olivia Mohun, City Life Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE Students from two schools in Germany have joined the Convent community as they take part in immersion exchanges and visits.

“I’m here for one month,” student Smilla Witte, who attends Kieler Wirtschaftsgymnasium School in Kiel, Germany, said. “School here is very different because in Germany, my school is very small so we always have classes with the same people.”

Witte is one of two students currently studying at Convent. Having opportunities to study around the world provides the perfect opportunity to become bilingual, according to exchange student Paula Eickmeier who is visiting from the Sophie-Barat-Schule in Hamburg.

“Before I came here I felt like there was still a language barrier with speaking,” Eickmeier said. “I could understand it well but had trouble speaking. I definitely think my English has improved.”

There are over 200 schools within the Schools of the Sacred Heart Network worldwide, allowing students to participate in exchanges and attend school while visiting foreign countries.

“I’m here on vacation so I’m not really on an exchange because I’m staying with my family,” Witte said. “I’m still very glad I have gotten to go to school at Convent and see what it is like.”