Students rattled after nighttime earthquake

Laura Mogannam, In-House Media Editor

WEB EXCLUSIVE An earthquake with a magnitude 4.4 rocked the Bay Area early this morning at 2:41 a.m., making many students realize how unprepared they would be in time of a larger shake.

“I heard the rumbling and then all of the sudden my bed was shaking,” sophomore Sunny Stuart said. “I got up and tried to go under something, but by the time I was out of bed, it was over.”

If an earthquake occurs while someone is in bed, they should stay in bed and cover their neck with a pillow, otherwise, they should drop and cover, according to Ready, the disaster preparedness website of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security.

Some students are concerned about not being able to fit underneath the Node desks to protect themselves during an earthquake at school, according to junior Kiki Apple.

“Because it is a little bit smaller and mobile I understand the fears,” Plant Operations Director Geoff De Santis said. “It does provide protection by holding onto the sides of them and putting your head and neck where your bag would go.”

All of the school buildings have been assessed by a professional structural engineer and fulfill the current code of earthquake standards, according to De Santis.

“I know what to do at school but not at home,” Stuart said. “I could definitely benefit from learning more about earthquake safety.”

Households should create a communication plan and have basic emergency supplies, especially water, in case the earthquake prompts the water to be shut off, according to Ready.

“I have no idea where the emergency kit is in my house or if we even have one,” Apple said. “That is something I need to check to be more prepared for the future.”