Lockdown drill starts off Safety Week


History teacher Michael Stafford locks his classroom door after hearing the lockdown announced over the intercom. Students sat quietly and waited for another announcement to end the drill.

Caroline Thompson, Reporter

WEB EXCLUSIVE As America’s Safe School Week begins, students and faculty locked classroom doors and sat silently for a lockdown drill during H Period today.

“There was a loudspeaker during last period saying that it was a lockdown drill,” sophomore Ella Beard said. “We had to shut the door to our classroom, close the windows and blinds and remain as quiet as possible.”

The lockdown drill was only the first safety protocol out of the many that will be discussed and practiced throughout the week.

“We run things like earthquake drills and lockdown drills to help prepare the school should anything happen,” facilities manager Eric Keith said. “Safety week is more about sharing the information with everyone so that all have the right ideas and feel more prepared.”

America’s Safe School Week teaches both students and teachers what to do in emergencies and provides skills that can be used in real situations, according to English teacher Rachael Denny.

“I was teaching at a public school in San Mateo, and we got a message over the intercom that informed us that we were in a lockdown because there were two active shooters on campus,” Denny said. “Practicing things with drills allow people to be calm if it becomes a real situation, which is the best thing to do.”

The government does not require all schools to participate in Safe Schools Week, but Convent & Stuart Hall make the choice to participate annually, according to Keith.

“The students’ safety is our number one priority. Even before student education, student safety has to come first,” Keith said. “We are responsible for everyone when they are on this campus.”