PSAT memes become tradition

Asha Khanna, Editor-in-Chief

WEB EXCLUSIVE After sitting through more than three hours of the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test yesterday, some students rushed to their phones to check the test memes, which have become a trend over the past few years.

“They mostly make jokes out of the reading comprehension section,” sophomore Bella Shea said. “You have to take the test to understand the memes.”

Some seniors feel nostalgic when they see the memes on their social media accounts.

“I actually forced some juniors to explain the memes to me,” senior Kelly Rosanelli said. “I had seen a few myself and I just wanted to understand them.”

Although the CollegeBoard states that “sharing of test questions or answers is prohibited at any time” by any means, including via the Internet, memes continue to spread on social media every year.

“I posted a PSAT meme on a public Instagram account last year,” Shea said, “and the CollegeBoard Instagram account commented on the picture and said ‘Please take this down. Your scores may be redacted if you don’t,’ so I took it down.”

The memes have become an integral part of the test day, and teens all over the country can relate to the jokes.

“It’s like we form solidarity with each other over a common enemy,” Rosanelli said. “None of us really know what’s going on during the test but we can all laugh at good memes.”

Source of pictures: @psatmemesof2017 on Instagram