Class reps and faculty discuss student storage shortage


Arianna Nassiri

School Counselor Annie Egan and sophomore class representative Kai Johnson listen to Plant Operations Director Geoff DeSantis inquire upon the conflicts of the location of storage facilities. Class representatives were asked to describe their current schedule in order to determine the most convenient positioning for a school storage solution.

Arianna Nassiri, Reporter

After numerous complaints regarding the removal of lockers from Siboni and the remodeling of the junior-senior locker room, class representatives were asked to meet with various faculty and staff members regarding the effectiveness and importance of student storage areas.

“I have a textbook for every class and I don’t want to have to carry around four textbooks every other day when I could just put them somewhere safe and prevent back injuries,” sophomore Jacqui Carlson said. “Also, lockers are kinda like a high school rite of passage, and we missed out on that last year, so it would be a bummer to lose that again.”

Changes to Siboni, including the shifting of walls as well as the expansion of classrooms, called for the removal of lockers along the back hallway of floor two of Siboni.

“My class was looking forward to having our own locked place to put our stuff, and it’s a shame that that won’t happen, Carlson said. “Some of us had even already bought locker decorations.”

Along with the spacial enhancements in Siboni, the junior-senior locker room went under a renovation that has now overlapped with the school year, making the room unavailable for upperclassmen up until this point. These renovations have led to the decrease in storage space for sophomores, juniors and seniors, but predominantly the Sophomore Class.

“Since we have nowhere else to put our stuff, we end up leaving it in the Main Hall,” sophomore Alisha Kalra said. “Then we get in trouble for leaving our stuff there, but it’s our only option.”

Many students verbalized their complaints to members of Student Council and these perspectives were shared with faculty today in the Gallery during lunch.

“As we are reimagining spaces and as things are updated, we want to continue to have these student-administration conversations,” Student Life Director Devin DeMartini Cooke said. “The contents of student’s backpacks are constantly changing, so having these types of conversations are always planned, but there was definitely a student need for it at the moment.”