School community honors alumna

Visiting alumnae joined the student body and participated in an espacio on Friday to honor an alumna who died on Dec 30.

Head of school Rachel Simpson preceded the moment of silence for Madalyn Trouton (’14) with a reminder that the Sacred Heart support system continues beyond graduation and former students “are always a child of the Sacred Heart.”

Trouton would leave classes early to attend San Francisco Ballet School halfway through her freshman and sophomore years at Convent, according to former classmate Lizzie Whittles (’14).

Once she left ballet, Trouton developed an interest in art during her junior and senior years, focusing on black and white photography, according to art teacher Rachel McIntire.



“She pretty much claimed the art studio as her home away from home,” McIntire said.

In Trouton’s small art class that met two or three times a week, she completed individual work in a constructive environment, according to former classmate Tess Holland (’14).

“Maddy and I would sometimes go off and take pictures because we were both focused on photography,” Whittles said.

As a senior, Trouton and classmate Ayesha Sayeed headed the Think Pink club, raising awareness for breast cancer.

Trouton went on to study Public Relations and Strategic Communication at American University, spending her last semester in Rome.

No local memorial services are planned, however, Trouton’s friends at American University are organizing a memorial in Washington, D.C. later this month.