Second annual co-ed class retreat to be held tomorrow

India Thieriot, News Editor

Convent and Stuart Hall seniors will take a break from their regular academic schedules to participate in community building exercises tomorrow during the second annual co-ed senior retreat.

The Class of 2017 will spend the night at St. Dorothy’s Rest, a retreat camp in Occidental, CA where Sergio Vasquez, Religion, Theology, and Spiritual Director, will lead the seniors in bonding exercises.

“My philosophy of the retreats is that it’s an opportunity to step away from the usual and open up yourself to something different, whether it’s an encounter with somebody else or hearing a piece of information that helps connect your class,” Vasquez said.

Each senior is expected to bring an item from childhood as a way of recognizing that everyone comes with their own histories, according to Vasquez.

“It’s our final time to bond with the boys and I love them,” senior Ana Cahuas said. “I’m really looking forward to hearing about their childhoods.”

The retreat is a way for CSH and SHHS seniors to start off the year by spending time together outside of an academic context.

“I think it’s good to have it at the beginning of the year because we get to ground ourselves before we move into a whole whirlwind of applications,” Student Body President Katie Newbold said.

The retreat can be an opportunity to create new friendships with SHHS students, as not every senior has co-ed classes.

“I think this is a great way to start the year in celebration of the relationships that the seniors have with each other,” Student Activities Director Devin DeMartini said. “It helps solidify some of those friendships that you already have and maybe create some new ones.”

The underlying intention of the whole retreat is to create a support system among the seniors as the last year in high school progresses, according to Vasquez.

“Opening the year with this kind of experience will help us navigate the year a little more intentionally and hopefully some good foundation will be set in place,” Vasquez said. “It is very important for me that the seniors leave our community with a sense of being connected to one another and knowing that you’ve got people.”