Future plans cause fear to surface in college counseling class

Julia-Rose Kibben, Design Editor

As the fourth quarter begins, college counseling ramps up for juniors who began taking the weekly class at the beginning of the second semester.

“We have slowly transitioned into the college counseling class,” Munda said.  “We are talking about the college process, researching and talking about the different types of colleges.”

A representative from college counseling company Collegewise is scheduled to come assist juniors in writing their college essays during the next two weeks of class time.

These essays will generally be submitted to any number of 600 colleges via The Common Application.

“I’m anticipating a lot of essays and more work,” junior Izzy Pontecorvo said.

Juniors will be completing an online resume template through Naviance and sending out recommendation letter requests to their teachers by the end of this month.

“There is a lot of work that you have to do by a certain deadline,” junior Julia Gutman said. “When you add that onto everything else that you have going on with school, it’s so much work.”

Aside from resumes, recommendation letters and essays, students will be registering and studying for the ACT or SAT leading up to their testing dates.

“Students are working on actual parts of the application that they will be submitting next year when they are seniors,” Munda said.

College counseling is becoming a source of stress, according to Gutman.

“You have to think about next year,” Gutman said. “Then you get even more stressed out because there’s so much to do.”