Protection for all: California no longer requires prescriptions for certain birth control methods

Lisabelle Panossian, Web & Social Media Editor

Women of all ages in California will be one pharmaceutical visit away from obtaining any form of non-surgically inserted birth control.

The new legislation will require women of no minimum age to visit a pharmacist who will measure blood pressure and have the patient fill out a questionnaire to ensure that birth control is a safe option.

Any form of the contraception with the exception of devices that must be inserted by a healthcare provider — such as arm implants and intrauterine devices — will all be available to qualifying patients.

State legislators originally passed the law in 2013 but the law will be effective this Friday.

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Honors Physiology students Olivia Hoekendijk and Gia Monachino, as well as Honors Physiology teacher Ray Cinti, give their opinions on the issue: