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Mediocre performers paid thousands

March 13, 2012

Isabelle Pinard Managing Editor Students shifted their weight from one foot to the other while waiting in a line that wrapped around the block to get into a high school fundraiser. The unusually large crowd was for a special YouTube-famous music group scheduled to play at the dance. The entire cro...

Teens take parties to another level

January 17, 2012

Three seniors from Burlingame High School sat on the floor of a dark dusty basement off of Van Ness Avenue on a recent Friday night. Their heads were nodding rhythmically keeping track of the heavy bass that was pulsating through the building. Their eyes were glazed over in fascination as a junior from a San...

Teen manners falter with texting

Teen manners falter with texting

November 10, 2011

Rebecca Lee Editor-in-Chief I hastily reached into my backpack for my Clipper Card as the 30 Stockton bus came to a halt in front of me. Without any hope of finding the card any time soon, I let an elderly woman get on the bus before me instead of making her wait. “You’ll get through life we...

‘Fun’ does not fix problems

‘Fun’ does not fix problems

February 17, 2011

Zoë Newcomb Editor-in-Chief It seems everyday a different adult tells me that “kids these days work too hard” and to “enjoy childhood while I can.” I certainly wouldn’t mind throwing the books aside in favor of going to the beach with my friends. But as teenagers my own age run through the streets protesting in Egypt and are coming up with the solu...

Teens try to balance savings and spending

Teens try to balance savings and spending

September 23, 2009

Sara Kloepfer A & E Editor The bell rings, signifying not only lunch period but the mad rush of students racing to Fillmore Street to purchase their food. Junior Bridgette Hanley remains in the Center, taking out her brown paper bag. “If you buy from the lunch line it’s usually $8 and j...

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