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Dont just deal with it

Don’t just ‘deal with it’

Paige Retajczyk and Nicole Klein February 20, 2021

Every girl gets her period — but from bloatedness, to cramps, to extreme period pain, she experiences and deals with her menstruation differently.  “It is very common to have painful periods, especially...

Push back against pushing through

Push back against pushing through

Mackenna Moslander, Web Editor February 20, 2021

Taking notes throughout long block periods can be difficult enough, and coupled with menstrual cramps it can feel virtually impossible. Period cramps should not have to reach the level of incapacitation...

Shaming is limiting. Period.

Shaming is limiting. Period.

Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2015

When an activist posted a picture of herself wearing period-stained pants, Instagram censored it. When female politicians run for office, their capabilities are doubted due to hormone fluctuations. When...

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