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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Claire Kosewic, Editor in Chief

November 2, 2017

When the news of Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein’s alleged inappropriate and unsolicited sexual advances towards several actresses became public, all I felt was frustration, as I thought to myself, “despite all this ‘progress’ we’ve made, will I ever open the newspaper and not read of mis...

Academy Awards viewers speak out on Chris Rock’s monologue

Academy Awards viewers speak out on Chris Rock's monologue

Catherine Dana, Senior Reporter

March 1, 2016

Academy Awards host Chris Rock directly addressed the topic of #OscarsSoWhite in a monologue on why he decided against declining the offer host the award show. He additionally addressed why the issue arose, what he felt would be solutions to the accusations of racism in Hollywood and satirized oth...

Former CEO speaks at CSH

Former CEO speaks at CSH

April 8, 2011

Former Paramount Motion Pictures CEO Sherry Lancing spoke to the senior Women’s Studies and the Freshman Class in the Mother Williams Library on March 17 about her experiences as the first female producer in Hollywood. “She had really good advice about dreams, doing what you want, and following...

Film industry sexist, lacks actor equality

February 17, 2011

Sara Kloepfer Managing Editor Millions of Americans every year tune into the Academy Awards an hour beforehand to watch the spectacle that is the Red Carpet. Whether oohing and ah-ing over gorgeous gowns or cringing at the fashion faux-pas, both viewers and the media obsess over what the female actor...

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