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Cubs set for game against the Red Devils

Sophomore Cece Mcquaid raises her arms as she tries to block a ball pass. The team played today's game at San Francisco University High School before a home game this Friday.

Olivia Mohun, City Life Editor

January 23, 2018

WEB EXCLUSIVE The varsity basketball team sported team gear today in preparation of their game against University High School this evening. “This is a big game for our team,” junior Kiki Apple said. “There’s a lot of spirit and energy today and I’m really excited to get out on the court.” ...

Sheep heart dissection forms window to physiology

Physiology teacher Ray Cinti briefs his class before dissecting sheep hearts. The whole class will experience a live open heart surgery at the end of the year.

India Thieriot, Assistant Copy Editor

January 20, 2016

A handful of members from the physiology class huddled around tables and popped on their goggles while others shrieked at the sight of the slimy, gray heart being cut in half. Honors physiology students dissected sheep hearts to tie together their brief unit on the human heart. “They were performing a dissection of the sheep heart because it’s pretty much the exact same size as the human heart,...

Students view open-heart surgery

January 25, 2011

Stephanie Gee Reporter Physiology students  had a rare opportunity on Wednesday to not only observe live open-heart surgery, but to view to procedure side-by-side the surgeons. Students arrived at Kaiser Permanente at 6:50 a.m. Before going into the operating room, they were given a lecture ...

Chocolate, in moderation, may have benefits

Chocolate, in moderation, may have benefits

October 30, 2009

Anjali Shrestha Features Editor The consumption of dark chocolate and its affects on the heart may prove to be a sweet salvation for chocolate lovers. “Eating chocolate as part of a varied diet where intake is balanced with regular exercise is probably healthy for the heart,” said regist...

Convent girl leaves her heart in the City

May 21, 2009

Rebecca Kelliher Editor-in-Chief I suppose, being a Convent girl, I haven’t had a “typical” high school experience. By most standards in America of what high school “should” be like, with jocks dating cheerleaders and nerds being ostracized. Convent seems a little out-of-place. Aside from the...

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