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‘Graffiti Lady’ cleans up city’s vandalism

Paula Mulhall uses high-powered graffiti removal spray to clean graffiti off a city garbage can. Mulhall purchases all removal supplies, including the city’s official green cover-up paint, with her own money. In addition to targeting graffiti on her own, Mulhall occasionally hires helpers to paint over entire walls of graffiti. WARREN MULHALL | with permission

February 17, 2011

It was just another drive to work for San Francisco real estate agent Paula Mulhall until she spotted a graffiti-covered mailbox near her office building. Parking her Porche Cayenne along the curb, she busted out the paint rollers and gloves. “Tagging and graffiti vandalism is a crime against all of ...

San Francisco give graffiti artists legal expression

A vibrantly-colored detail of Chor Boogie’s “The Perception of Color Therapy” is placed in between the two dominant eyes, one green and the other purple, on the mural. KATY HALLOWELL | the broadview

October 29, 2010

Isabelle Pinard Reporter In the midst of the bustling crowd and street music cacophony at the 24th and Mission Streets BART station lie canvases waiting to be transformed by the hands of graffiti and mural artists in a community art project. The San Francisco Arts Commission and Department of P...

Graffiti’s popularity grows as art form

Vibrant graffiti art covers walls in Clarion Alley in the Mission District. Artists create pieces that reflect the cultural diversity of the neighborhood.

October 30, 2009

Isabelle Pinard Reporter Empty metal cans lie on the damp gravel sidewalk with the lingering smell of spray paint in the air, and a trail of large blocked lettering and mural illustrations dance along the sides of grimy buildings. Many areas in San Francisco, like the Mission, are getting makeovers by commi...

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