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Exercising our Rights

Exercising our Rights

Claire Kosewic, Editor in Chief

September 28, 2017

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech.” Ten words, written into the First Amendment to the Constitution by James Madison over 200 years ago, became the subject of controversy in recent weeks when the right-wing group Patriot Prayer attempted to host a rally in decidedly ...

Staff editors raise awareness of First Amendment rights

Editors Liana Lum and Kendra Harvey show a cartoon published in The Broadview as part of their press freedom and first amendment rights presentation today. Lum and Harvey asked students to name the first amendment rights and winners received (amend)mints.

Asha Khanna, Senior Reporter

February 22, 2016

Two editors of The Broadview delivered a presentation about press freedom and First Amendment rights to the student body as an introduction to Scholastic Journalism Week. “The point of this presentation is to raise awareness and recognize our First Amendment rights and how we should use them wisely...

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