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C-ing Clearly: Make voting easier

C-ing Clearly: Make voting easier

Cece Giarman, Editor-in-Chief

November 2, 2018

Since registering to vote in June, I have been eager to join the U.S. democratic process, however, my enthusiasm decreased in September when I realized the voting experience I imagined of going to my local polling place and voting in person was unlikely, and that I would probably end up voting through ...

Vote smart, not partisan

Josephine Rozzelle

Josephine Rozzelle, Editor-in-Chief

September 27, 2018

As Democrats are gearing up to reclaim control of Congress and Republicans are looking keep their majority through the 2018 midterm elections, partisanship may lead to uninformed decisions in the voting booth. Every midterm election cycle, one party or the other uses the phrase “take back” as...

Pink wave engulfs elections

Pink wave engulfs elections

Josephine Rozzelle, Editor-in-Chief

September 27, 2018

Whether seen through swarms of pink knit-hats, social media posts tagged with #MeToo or the changing demographics of the United States government, 2018 is being called the “Year of the Woman.” This election season is breaking records with 53 women who have filed to run for Senate — 13 more than...

Unexpected gift delights

President Ann Marie Krejcarek holds the flag gifted to the school by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The Capitol Flag program allows members of Congress to request a flag to be flown over the U.S. Capitol on behalf of a constituent.

Jordan Russell, Senior Reporter

September 28, 2017

When President Ann Marie Krejcarek found a package waiting for her one day in the middle of June, she was surprised to find that the person who sent it was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, whose four daughters all graduated from Convent. “It was a little bit out of the blue,” Krejcarek said....

Parties divided will never be united

Parties divided will never be united

Claire Kosewic, Web Editor

February 3, 2017

Blue donkeys and red elephants are not just symbols for U.S. political parties — they stand for the division of brothers and sisters, parents and children, and even best friends in a San Francisco all-girls high school. The 2016 presidential election was perhaps one of the most heated, divisive ...

Hoping for change in wake of Boston bombings

Hoping for change in wake of Boston bombings

April 19, 2013

Claire Fahy Editor-in-chief BOSTON — It all plays out on CNN like an extremely well-written episode of “Criminal Minds.” As I sit here in Boston Logan Airport — returning home from an aborted college visit — I’m in the thick of the drama stemming from the Boston Marathon bombings, in which...

SHHS seniors weigh service academy and military options in college decisions

Madeleine Ainslie | The Broadview

February 15, 2013

While most seniors are await¬ing letters of decision from their top choice colleges, some are looking towards future careers in the military through ap¬plication to service academies and campus training programs. “The Naval Academy was very interesting to me because you’re able to start your c...

Political unification symbolic to country

February 17, 2011

Staff Editorial As President Barack Obama made his State of the Union Address in the House Chamber on Jan. 25, members of Congress came together in a picture of solidarity as Democrats clapped along side Republicans, ending the custom of divided seating. “Beyond custom, there is no rule or reaso...

Congress needs to compromise

February 6, 2009

staff editorial The passing of the stimulus bill by the House of Representatives last week without a single Republican vote and without the Democrats negotiating the bill with the Republicans, reveals that bipartisanship may be only a fairytale for the Obama administration without the importance of...

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