Uniform ‘evolution’ opens discussion

Head of School and Director of Student Life invite the student body to discuss future uniform guidelines.

India Thieriot, Assistant Copy Editor

Whispers were exchanged among students in Chapel today at the prospect of furthering the “evolution” of the uniform.

Head of School Rachel Simpson announced in Chapel that the administration would be accepting applications for students to participate in an active discussion regarding the school uniform.

“We need to have something that’s clear for our students and our faculty as to what is considered appropriate schoolwear and what isn’t,” Student Life Director Devin DeMartini Cooke said.

The desire for an open discussion between students and faculty regarding the uniform stemmed from the inconsistency by which the uniform is individually interpreted among students, according to Simpson.

“I see it being changed as it’s worn every single day by our students,” Simpson said.

The discussion process will allow for students to voice their opinions about what they think should remain or be altered in terms of uniform guidelines. Any consensus reached about the uniform through the discussion process will be altered in the handbook for the upcoming school year, according to Simpson.

“I don’t really wear polos because I don’t like the way they look,” junior Maya Young said. “I just want to make some adjustments to the uniform to make it more relevant to our time right now.”

Some students think that uniform should be kept but more options need to be granted, according to sophomore Francesca Petruzelli.

“Obviously it’s kind of nice to have a uniform because you don’t really have to think about what you’re gonna wear,” Petruzelli said. “I would like to get more options though – maybe free choice of sweatshirts or shirts and not just polos.”

The dialogue between faculty and students is necessary for there to be a consensus and level of consistency in the community when it comes to the uniform, according to Simpson.

“We’re excited to hear from the students,” Simpson said. “Faculty and administrators carry a vision for the life of the school but the students live it so it’s really important that we develop that strong dialogue and share a voice in it.”