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    jaesonDec 20, 2018 at 6:59 am

    The real issue is that we have pushed “college” into being the new high school. We need to stop! Not everyone should go to college. I graduated in 2009, and I can tell you, only a handful of my classmates were really committed to studying and learning. The rest? Sandbagging, cheating, or outright lying to get their way through because someone lied to them that they needed to go to college. Most of the people I went to school with got out and worked in fields entirely unrelated to their major. Their starting pay hovered around $12 an hour (yes you read that right) certainly not the $50,000 a year average we were told by colleges was what graduates earned. Nope! Even people in “in demand” majors such as engineering had a difficult time finding work. The reality is 70% of people don’t do work in what is related to their college degree. That tells me one thing- the population has been lied to. I think college is fine for people if they wish to pursue a PhD and be a professor, but the amount of people able to do that is really less than .01% (just google PhD job market). Colleges are not preparing people for work at all. Since employers have had the upper hand since 2003, they are demanding degrees PLUS years of experience, even for entry level work. I believe this has happened because the value of higher education is sinking lower and lower as if it is high school…and no wonder with some of the stupid people that graduate! The CSU system is still affordable if you first go to a JC, the most it would cost you to do both of those back to back while eating ramen at home and going full time is $25,000. That is really the most any “college” should cost you.

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