Muni plans to improve service


Kendra Harvey

A woman waits on Lombard Street for the 4 bus. Muni plans to announce new routes to increase efficiency in early 2016.

Kendra Harvey, Managing Editor

Despite the potential benefit of faster public transportation, Muni Forward plans to decrease 47 parking spaces on Lombard Street in the Marina to give riders more direct access buses with routes that avoid traffic, sacrificing more of the scarce parking spaces around school.

“It’s already pretty awful,” senior Abby Dolan said about street parking around campus. “I think if they eliminate spaces, they need to add spaces with a parking garage or something. Logically, it would bump people to take our spaces, and people are already pretty feisty about parking.”

Muni Forward, a project designed to improve efficiency and the quality of buses and streetcars, aims to benefit riders through more vehicles, faster rides and safer options for riders boarding buses.

“There is a lot of work being done to try to modernize Muni, to expand its capacity and to make it run faster,” Board of Supervisors member Scott Wiener said.  “Muni has the slowest average speed of any major transit agency in the country.”

Mayor Edwin M. Lee addressed Muni’s efficiency and safety concerns last year in a press release that outlines possible actions to be taken to improve Muni, leading to Muni Forward, according to the City and County of San Francisco.

Students who take Muni daily already notice these improvements.

“I live right by where the N Judah stops, so I used to take it to school everyday and I take it home everyday,” freshman Laura Bourne said. “They come pretty frequently, I don’t usually have to wait that long.”

Local business owners will have a town hall meeting on Nov. 17 and a public hearing on Dec. 4 highlighting how parking deficiency will affect their businesses. SFMTA will decide in January whether to pass the proposal.