Valley Fire devastation leads to a call to action

Donations for the fire victims are transported by student’s family.


Sophomore Madison O’Neill brings donated goods to drive to Calistoga and St. Helena to help those evacuated from fire.

Kendra Harvey, Managing Editor

After the devastation of California’s Valley Fire, a donation drive is taking place for students to help give to those affected.

Sophomore Madison O’Neill’s family will be driving the donated items to Calistoga and St. Helena.

“It would be really helpful if students brought clothes because everyone lost all of their belongings, along with non-perishable foods,” O’Neill said.

Thousands of residents have been evacuated and hundreds of homes destroyed, some of which were family and friends of the O’Neills.

“I just want to help out the people who are in need,” Tevaite O’Neill, mother of Madison, said. “There are high schoolers, whose teams and cheerleading lost all uniforms, and we are really just trying to help them out.”

Clothing, non-perishable food and blankets can be brought to Director of Student Life Devin DeMartini-Cooke.

“If you have extra things, bring them,” DeMartini-Cooke said. “This is a very direct way to help out those people who are in need.”

The donations will be accepted and brought to the Valley Fire victims for the rest of the week.