Senior College Info Night: The first student and parent college gathering of the year

The presentation encourages organization and time management for successful applications.


Parents and seniors engage in the question and answer portion of the college information presentation with College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda.

Neely Metz, Copy Editor

Seniors and parents filled the Syufy Theatre tonight during the annual Senior College Information Night, aimed at guiding students through the application process.

“This meeting went really well,” College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda said. “We had a great turnout, and the families asked great questions. Everyone seems excited to move forward in the process.”

With seniors already working on their college applications during the college counseling class, the meeting provided attendees with tips and information to aid them while applying, as well as all necessary deadlines for each part of the application.

“I thought the presentation was interesting,” senior Abby Dolan said. “Knowing the deadlines makes me feel better, so I’m not stressed out.”

Approximately 90 percent of the Class of 2016 attended the event, which marks the first student and parent college gathering for this school year. Students each received a packet with various papers including application advice and college lists.

Led by Munda, the presentation covered topics such as applying early, different application requirements and the importance of managing time in order to meet every deadline.

“The most important thing from this presentation was reminding students that they are going to have great college options and that they need to take ownership of this process and to stay organized and keep on track of their deadlines,” Munda said.  

The night concluded with an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions, as well as a reminder to seniors to continue working hard throughout their final year of high school.

Parents were encouraged to keep track of due dates and remind their daughters when key parts of an application need to be turned in.

“Hopefully she knows the deadlines, but now I know the deadlines too,” parent Marie O’Dea, referring to her daughter Madeleine Denebeim, said.

Despite learning much of the information in class and from other sources, the meeting was still beneficial and reassuring to students, according to Dolan.   

“Hearing from the perspective of someone who used to be an admissions representative was the most helpful,” Dolan said. “It’s nice to hear, ‘This is what you need. This is what they’re looking for.’”