Summer is time to train for fall sports

Isabelle Pinard

For most students summer marks a rest from academics, but for athletes it’s time to get back into the game and tune it up for next season.

“Summer sports are important for athletes to stay in shape, and prepare them for the up coming season” said athletic director Elena De Santis.

Training programs can help students stay focused on a sport and keep their techniques fresh. Continuing practicing and keeping the body fit can help athletes avoid future injuries by strengthening the muscles in the body to protect and support the joints.

“Summer league sports help me to improve my performance, and it provides me with the self-confidence that I need in order for me to become a better player,” said sophomore Nicole Hui.

Hui is currently playing in a summer basketball league through the City College Summer League program.
“I practice two days a week with my team and by myself whenever I have the time over the summer so that I can keep my skills in perfect condition.” said Hui.

“The more you practice the better you get,” said freshman Dakota Chamberlin. “The summer is a great time to improve your abilities because you have a lot of time to reflect on things and progress.”

Chamberlin has been swimming competitively in the Terra Linda Community Center swim team for six years.

“It doesn’t matter how fast one goes, or if someone is a good or bad swimmer — it’s about how hard you work,” said Chamberlin. “A good swimmer always tries to improve her strokes and work on her weaknesses. She doesn’t need to be super human, she just has to have dedication and concentration.”

Working competitively not only tests an athlete’s strength, but it also gives athletes a chance to connect with others who have the same zeal and enthusiasm for the sport. Summer leagues can provide athletes with a chance to experience teamwork, which helps build a sense of coordination.

“Being in a competitive team is kind of like being in a hard working family,” said Chamberlin. “My teammates and I have a special bond and we always help each other out. We know that if we can work on our weaknesses our strength as a team will grow.”