A positive prom

Reflecting on this year’s prom


Garrett Hoffman

Students dance and have fun at Prom. Prom is an event hosted by the school for juniors and seniors every year.

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

Convent & Stuart Hall hosted the annual junior-senior prom last Saturday. After weeks of preparation and prom proposals, juniors and seniors congregated to celebrate at the Swedish American Music Hall from 7-10p.m.

This has been the second prom hosted after the pandemic, but it definitely lived up to expectations, according to junior Catherine Fox.

“This was my first prom and I really liked it,” Fox said. “I didn’t really know what to expect, but I had a ton of fun,” 

The promposal contest, another aspect of the prom tradition, was executed in the past few weeks. For weeks, students brought in colorful signs and came up with creative, elaborate ways of asking people to the dance. 

The competition, which is held annually on Instagram, could be won by the most likes on a promposal post — the prize: free prom tickets. The winners were seniors Roxy Comerford and Johnny Perkins, according to freshman Piper Leffert. 

“Their promposal was really cute,” Leffert said. “I got to watch it in person and it was really cool how everyone was cheering and celebrating,” 

Many other students who did not attend prom are super excited to go in the next year, according to sophomore Thea Pratt. 

“Next year, I’ll be a junior, so I will be able to attend prom,” Pratt said. “I feel like it’s going to be super fun to go, no matter if it’s just with friends or a date,” 

The energy and time put in by the school are very appreciated by all, according to Catherine Fox. This year’s venue had mocktails available to students as well as a DJ for the dance.

“I had so much fun this year at prom,” Fox said, “I loved the experience and I cannot wait to do it again next year.