Springtime senior retreat

Senior class bonds outside of class


The senior class of ’23 posing on their second day of retreat. The senior retreat is an annual tradition and includes bonding and reflection sessions for the classes.

Amrita Rajpal, Social Media Editor

The seniors embarked on their overnight retreat yesterday morning and have arrived back this afternoon. They visited The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos for a period of bonding, rest, and relaxation. 

“The retreat was a really nice way to begin the closure of our senior year,” senior Audra Dawkins said. “I feel like it brought our grade closer and it created space and time for everyone to reflect on their own high school experience,”

Retreats give individuals an opportunity to take a step back to reflect on their time at school or work while also promoting togetherness and a sense of community, according to Iowa State University.  

For over 95 years, The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos has offered the opportunity for people to experience the quiet, a time of prayer, and the wisdom and counsel of talented retreat directors, according to The Jesuit Retreat Center of Los Altos

“I am excited to go on my retreat next year because it will be a great final bonding activity with my classmates,” junior Scarlett Farr said. “I think it will be nice to have time together without any distractions to reflect and commemorate the years we’ve had together,” 

The senior retreat of 2018 happened at Naturebridge in the Marin Headlands and students wrote letters, played cards, and spoke in affirmation circles, according to The Broadview.  

“I enjoyed spending time with my classmates and reflecting over the four years,” senior Natalie Posner said. “Retreats are a fun and exciting way for us to come together and connect,” 

Students had a chance to connect with each other in a primarily single sex environment again as well as share affirmations in a circle, according to Dawkins. 

“As the class of 2023, this is one of our last chances to bond together before it gets busy with graduation and IB exams,” Dawkins said. “I appreciate that the school organizes these events for us so we can enjoy the last bit of our senior year.”