Celebrate-ing Spring

Annual weekend fundraiser on Broadway campus



Donors and members of the Parent Association will gather in the Flood mansion for the Celebrate Spring Fundraiser. Celebrate Spring is annually brought to the school community by the Parents Association.

Fiona Kenny, Reporter

Celebrate Spring commenced today with a luncheon in the main hall of the Flood mansion which extended to the cortile and into the Merlone Family Little Theater. Tomorrow, the gala and live auction will occur as a follow up to today’s festivities.

Brought to Convent & Stuart Hall by the Parents Association, Celebrate Spring is one of the largest fundraisers that take place within the Convent & Stuart Hall community. The event has been an aspect of our community for many years and aids a sense of community, according to Chief Academic Officer and Head of School, Rachel Simpson.

“Celebrate Spring is the biggest Parents Association-organized event and fundraiser of the year,” Simpson said. “Traditionally, there is a boutique and lunch event on the Friday, and then an additional auction and gala the following day — it’s a big opportunity for individuals to feel a part of a community and the hospitality of our school environment,”

The luncheon begins at 11 a.m. and concludes at 3 p.m., giving participants a long duration of time to participate in the french inspired luncheon. Browsing the boutiques and taking part in the raffle, donors have multiple different opportunities to give back to the community, such as the raffle.

“Just seeing the main hall today really showed how hard the Parents Association works to set up these intricate events,” freshman Piper Leffert said. “It is such a large event and it is really well set up — with such a variety of activities and donation opportunities like the raffle they organized,”

The 2023 spring season began on Mar. 20, but for Convent & Stuart Hall, the beginning of spring was celebrated today. With the Celebrate Spring fundraiser event taking place, it finally felt like spring, according to sophomore Anika Carpenter.

“I’ve been at Convent & Stuart Hall for a couple years now, and each year this fundraiser is such a great event to observe as a student,” said Carpenter. “Around this time of year, I always look forward to this event because of how well it’s set up — seeing all the small boutiques and decorations around campus is so fun to be around,”

The funds raised at this event go towards the upcoming school years, with interactive auctions and unique events. Celebrate Spring provides Convent & Stuart Hall with the ability to say ‘yes’ to new and innovative ideas that will assist the school experience, according to Simpson. 

“In general terms, all these additional sources of revenue become part of our operating budget for the upcoming school years — so they help support the cost of tuition for the kids who come to Convent & Stuart Hall,” Simpson said. “The event is something that the Parents Association spends a lot of time planning and organizing — and it always shows.”