All day congé

Students participate in annual school tradition


Charlotte Morris

Students gather outside the building in which this year’s annual Congé was hosted. Students partook in numerous activities including outdoor pickup sports, bouncy houses, and board games.

Heidi Yeung, Reporter

Today, the student council announced Congé, an annual school tradition, during the beginning of A block. 

Congé, which means farewell, takes place towards the end of the year and students are not told beforehand when or where the celebration will take place  — as it is meant to be a surprise.

“Congé today was a huge surprise and I am very glad to have had a day off from school to celebrate and have fun with my classmates,” sophomore Kaiya Koenigsberg said. “The activities were very fun, especially the bull riding challenge,”

Students gathered outside after the announcement to get on buses for transportation to the venue. Students went to a 120 acre property in Mill Valley which was filled with various indoor and outdoor activities, according to freshman Elizabeth Fox.

“There were sports activities to play, like football and volleyball, board games, and bouncy house activities, such as an obstacle course race and a bull riding game,” Fox said. “The wide variety of things to made it never boring,”

For lunch, students and faculty were given burritos, chips, and Mexican rice. The rare sunny weather made the whole day much more enjoyable, according to Fox.

“I thought that today was a great day to have Congé, as the weather was great and so many of us have been stressed with quarter three coming to an end,” Fox said. “I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait for future Congés,”

Congé is organized by the student council as a farewell to the graduating seniors. This annual tradition holds a lot of significance to the whole school community for this reason, according to Koenigsberg.

“I know that the student council has worked really hard on making this an enjoyable and fun experience for all of us,” Koenigsberg said. “I really appreciate how much work they put into this.”