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Outside Lands tickets released for purchase


Ada Linde

Outside Lands 2022, featuring a headliner Post Malone. Outside Lands took place last year from Aug. 3-5.

Fiona Kenny, Reporter

Within the past week, two opportunities to purchase tickets for the 2023 Outside Lands festival have opened. 

The Eager Beaver tickets — which are the very first tickets for the festival available — went on sale last week, and the 3-day tickets were available to purchase on Wednesday. More tickets, such as single-day and dual-day tickets, should be available within the next week — soon after the 2023 daily lineup is released. 

“I will definitely be going with a bunch of my friends this year,” said freshman Rebecca Alba. “I’m not sure if I want to go all three days or just two, but either way I’m super excited,”

A large population of Convent & Stuart Hall students are planning to attend this festival in early August, though a small group of students will be attending an international immersion within the Global Politics department instead, according to junior Calista Peta. 

“I will be going on the Global Politics trip to Denmark and Berlin in August — which happens to be while Outside Lands is happening,” Peta said. “I’m not the biggest festival fan, and I absolutely love Global Politics as well as the people who I’m going with — so, missing out on Outside Lands wasn’t the biggest deal for me,”

The 2023 Outside Lands festival will feature many popular artists as headliners — such as the Foo Fighters, Lana del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, and The 1975 — as well as many smaller artists.

“There are such good headliners this year, and a lot of the smaller artists are also fantastic — I was planning on seeing a couple of the headliners individually before their names were released for Outside Lands, but now that they are all performing basically together, it’s even better,” said sophomore Anika Carpenter. “There is a great chance to have one of the best lineups each day during this years festival,”

Outside Lands will take place from Aug. 13-15, a couple weeks before the start of the 2023-24 school year. The festival is a great way to end summer break, according to Alba. 

“When I went to Outside Lands last year, it was incredible,” said Alba. “I like the headliners for this year more than the ones last year, so the experience will be ten times better as well.”