Building community through basketball

Students reflect on 8th grade vs alumni basketball game


Heidi Yeung

Alumni and 8th graders preparing for the final 40 seconds of the quarter. The game was won by the alumni, with a buzzer-beating shot which finalized the 126-131 score.

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

Last Friday, Stuart Hall for Boys alumni played their annual Alumni Basketball Game against current 8th graders. 

The game went into overtime and alumni won — the final score was 131-126. It was a nerve wracking and exciting game, according to freshman Claire Li. 

“I was watching with my fellow classmates and it was super fun,” Li said. “I loved how it got the school excited for basketball and brought everyone together,” 

It was an extremely close game, with just a buzzer beater breaking the tie to win the game. The 8th graders kept up a good game though they had a large disadvantage, according to freshman Juliette Wu. 

“I was honestly impressed with the 8th graders,” Wu said. “I think because they were at a disadvantage, they worked even harder,” 

These all-school events are always great ways to build a better community and bring students of all ages together, according to junior Catherine Fox. 

“I think that because we have so many different events and celebrations, we are able to become closer as a school community,” Fox said. “I love being a part of a community that has these fun events for everyone,”

The basketball game is just a preview for more events to come — the girls’ Alumni Basketball Game is set for Mar. 17, and students are also getting ready for events such as Congé, the Ring Ceremony, the senior Commencement, and much more. 

“The community is really what drives this school,” Li said. “I am so glad I get to participate in these amazing activities and events our school has to offer.”