Changing courses

Students select new courses for the next school year

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

With the 2022-2023 school year more than halfway done, administration prompted freshmen and sophomores to think about selecting new courses and classes for the following year during community time today. 

Sophomore students have the option to take IB classes next year, which offer a college-like class structure that prepares students for their future school careers, according to sophomore Amelia Batt. 

“I like that I have the opportunity to experience different styles of education than what I’m accustomed to,” Batt said. “It’s a great way to expand my knowledge and understanding of different subjects, especially ones that may be out of the ordinary next to a normal American course of study,” 

While sophomores are preparing for their next years of AP or IB classes, freshman students are getting ready for sophomore year by having meetings with their Grade Chairs, according to freshman Claire Li.

“I like being able to have academic guidance from someone so I don’t feel overwhelmed,” Li said. “It helps that we can have these meetings before we start a course so that we can can familiar with it,”

Sophomores and freshmen have scheduled or met with their Grade Chair in addition to class meetings to discuss future course loads. The meetings are held so that the whole class can have the same idea of what the next academic year will bring forth. 

Many teachers are also submitting their recommendations for students to enter AP and Honors classes for the upcoming school year, according to freshman Elizabeth Fox. 

“If you want to enter an Honors class, you have to get recommendations from your teachers, so it is important to have discussions with them about that,” Fox said. “Most of the recommendations are being submitted this week by teachers of all levels,” 

The IB Diploma program offers a wide variety of classes and academic opportunities for students. The classes are two years long, so for some, it can be difficult to pick, according to Batt.

“I appreciate the variety of opportunities I’m given, but I am also nervous about choosing my classes for two years,” Batt said. “I am, though, looking forward to a change in my curriculum and learning process.”