Support Sophie’s

Fundraisers and bake sale organized in support of Sophie’s Farm


Heidi Yeung

The UNICEF club’s bake sale will be held at the Broadway campus during H Block. Bake sales and drives are commonly found in the main hall supporting a myriad of causes and are held by student club leaders.

Heidi Yeung, Reporter

A fundraising bake sale will be held in the main hall of the Broadway campus on Friday. This bake sale will be organized by the UNICEF club, and all the proceeds will go to support Sophie’s Farm — a farm located in the Philippines — owned by the Religious of the Sacred Heart.

The money raised through the bake sale will be delivered during February break by a group of students visiting the Philippines. This is a great way for students to stay connected with Sacred Heart’s projects and relations, according to freshman Lila Pollak.

“I love how the UNICEF club is able to organize events like these that benefit our community and can help support other communities,” Pollak said. “It is so easy to help out other communities — whether it be to donate or buy a baked treat,”

In addition to the UNICEF bake sale, another fundraiser will be hosted by the Filipino, UNICEF, SIA, Foodie, and Baking clubs in support of Sophie’s Farm. A walk-a-thon fundraiser, which can also give students service hours, will be held at Convent, starting at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

“It’s really cool how so many clubs can join together to start a charity event for Sophie’s Farm,” freshman Claire Li said. “It will definitely add on to the volunteering that the students going to the Philippines will do,”

The walk-a-thon will start at Flood Mansion and go to the Presidio lawn —a notable historical place for Filipino-Americans, according to an email sent by Religion & Theology teacher Clint  Hackenburg. Additionally, a hot chocolate stand will be available to attendees. With the recommended donation at $20, students are encouraged to donate to Sophie’s Farm, even if they are unable to make it to the walk-a-thon. 

“Our upcoming bake sale provides the opportunity for individuals to support a relevant cause through the enjoyment of student baked goods and community involvement,” sophomore and UNICEF club leader Sarah Batt said. “We encourage everyone to participate, by baking or purchasing,”

The merging of these various clubs allow for many students to collaborate and provide for a shared interest. This overall allows for an extended sense of community within our student body, according to Pollak.

“I love when our community gathers together to host events like these,” Pollak said. “These small occasions make a big difference.”