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Network of Sacred Heart schools organize summer oppertunities

Amrita Rajpal, Reporter

Every summer, the Network of Sacred Heart Schools in Canada and the United States organizes a series of immersive service experiences. This year, there are eight projects on offer for high school students. 

“This past summer, I went to Chicago for the Juvenile Justice Program,” junior Samantha Buscemi said. “It was an absolutely phenomenal experience, though required long hours and lots of focus,”

These projects are unique to the Network of Sacred Heart Schools and are made possible by the partnership of the Sacred Heart Schools, according to an email sent by Community Life Chair Michael Buckley.

“I think it is really important and interesting that my peers and teachers have the chance to go to different Sacred Heart schools and do service projects,” sophomore Sadie Kodner said. “Connecting it back to our trip to Costa Rica, it’s nice to be able to give back to a larger part of our community,”

During these projects, students come together to investigate varying social justice issues and consider different world realities and these programs encourage critical analysis, informed action, and civic responsibility through direct service, and community partnership, according to About Network Summer Service Projects.  

“It is so amazing that our school offers so many amazing trips and opportunities like this one,” Kodner said. “The service aspect at Convent & Stuart Hall is very strong and I really appreciate that,”

The projects, which are available for high school students to participate in, include teaching children how to swim in New York, an immersive service trip in New Orleans, volunteering to support indigenous environmental justice in Washington, and many others. Students can find the full list here and if interested, let Buckley or Paul Pryor-Lorentz know to continue the application process.

“The in-depth explanation of the Juvenile Justice system and to have the opportunity to interview so many specialists during my trip was unmissable,” Buscemi said. “I would recommend service opportunities to every other student.”