Showing support for soccer

Student body invited to watch varsity game


Courtney Hall

Senior Audra Dawkins dribbles the ball away from an opponent during a game against University last week. The varsity soccer team competes in Division IV of the NCS League.

Sofia Kozlova, Reporter

Students were invited to watch the girls’ varsity soccer team take on San Domenico Panthers at 4p.m today. The game took place at Beach Chalet Athletic Fields and the first 25 student viewers were given school-branded beanies.

“I find it a lot more fun to play when there are people who are cheering for me and my team,” sophomore Leah Williams said. “I love playing soccer, so I think it’s cool to be able to play in front of my friends,”

The varsity soccer team is scheduled to play 6 home soccer games at the Beach Chalet Fields, according to C&SH. Other home games this season will be played against Urban, Lick-Wilmerding, University, and Marin Academy. 

“I think attending school sports games is valuable to not only show support for your classmates, but it can also aid in having a well-rounded community,” Assistant Athletic Director Michael Beleson said. “In school, people often focus on academics, but sports and other extracurricular activities also help build community,”

Students have a lot of opportunities to attend sports games, according to sophomore Georgia Doyle. Students can find athletic updates on the Convent & Stuart Hall athletics Instagram account as well as weekly Sunday (K)night Notes in their emails.

“I always try to go to my friends’ sports games when I can because I like being able to support my friends and watching them do something they love is one way to do that,” Doyle said. “I also think it’s a good way to further build our school community by supporting other students and cheering them on all together,”

With little to no COVID-19 restrictions, it’s easier to have students together and host sporting events that include the whole school community, according to Beleson. Indoor sports like basketball and volleyball specifically have seen higher turnouts this year due to updated restrictions.

“This year, we’re trying to have more opportunities to support student-athletes and want to promote more sports games,” Beleson said. “Everybody appreciates being cheered on and the games can be really fun events when everyone shows up,”

The Cubs won the game today with a score of 7-1. The support of fans can often be a decisive factor in games, according to Williams.

“Even though it can be stressful to play in front of familiar faces, it can also improve my energy and enthusiasm on the field,” Williams said. “I think having people attend games strengthens the community atmosphere in our school.”