Nearing Noels

Language students practice for Noels with their language departments


Charlotte Morris

French department preparing to sing ‘Il est ne le divin enfant’ in the Williams library. Noels has been a tradition at the Schools of the Sacred Heart for 135 years.

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

Today, during community time, each language department gathered together to practice their song for the school’s annual Christmas tradition, Noels. 

During Noels, the entire school community gathers to celebrate Christmas before break. The songs sung by each language department are a highlight, according to freshman Francesca Lauterbach.

“Each language class sings a Christmas song in their language for the whole school,” said Lauterbach. “It’s a great way to spread culture while also celebrating Christmas,”

Practicing for the performance is very important — especially to make sure the performance turns out well, according to freshman Charlotte Gesell. 

“It’s very hard to memorize the songs and sing them in the right key,” Gesell said. “I am glad we are having a bit more time to practice so that we are very prepared for the actual performance,”

The Spanish I class is learning ‘Jingle Bells’, while higher levels are learning ‘Tun, Tun, Quien Es’. Other languages are singing songs like ‘Il Est né le Divin Enfant’. 

“It’s fun to learn a classic Christmas song in another language,” Parent said. “It’s important to can learn and spread culture in a fun way,” 

Everyone prepping for noels as well as the decorated Christmas trees in the Main Hall gets all of the holiday spirit in the air at Broadway, according to Lauterbach.

“I am so excited to see everyone perform,” said Lauterbach. “Noels is a favorite tradition of mine.”