Knights compete for championship

Varsity football plays Branson in the NCS championships


Courtney Hall

Senior Monty Craig tackling an opposing player during today’s game. The Knights finished the season with a 9-1 game record.

Fiona Kenny, Reporter

The men’s 8 v 8 football team played The Branson School tonight at 5 p.m. in contest for the NCS Championship title. 

Stuart Hall previously beat Branson in October, which placed them number one seed in the league. They went into the final with an eight home-game winning streak, according to freshman Maggie White.

“They played really well in their previous game – a win against Calistoga 52-16,” White said before the game. “I really think that Stuart Hall will be able to do it again tonight,” 

With the chance of bringing home a NCS title, the Knights’ football games also aid Convent & Stuart Hall’s community building. Attending the game tonight was open and free to all students, including the lower forms. 

“My younger brother and I are both going to the game tonight,” freshman Rebecca Alba said. “I think that having the whole school community together is a great experience for everyone,” 

While the Knights were ahead in the first quarter, they fell behind in the second, and concluded with a loss. Stuart Hall finished their season with a 9-1 home game record.

“I’m really impressed with how hard everyone worked out on the field,” White said. “It was a really tough game, but I know that everyone is still so proud of the players tonight.”