Thanksgiving break approaches

Students reflect on work buildup and prepare for travel


Students wrote about what they are thankful for on leaves to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving board can be found on the Broadway campus and will be open to additions even after break.

Heidi Yeung and Sophia Cuperstein

Now that there aren’t as many COVID-19 restrictions, many students and families are taking advantage of safe traveling opportunities to travel during Thanksgiving break. 

Many teachers are beginning to assign tests and essays in an attempt to lessen the workload during the break, though, according to freshman Ella Patzer. While this is overwhelming, it is helpful for students in the long term. 

“Many of my teachers are assigning more assignments because they want to finish a specific topic before Thanksgiving break,” Patzer said. “It is becoming stressful, but it’s understandable,”

Some of the most common foods eaten during Thanksgiving are turkey and pumpkin pie. For the holidays, most eat delicious homemade meals with their families, according to freshman Sofia Ponce de Leon.  

“I like that during thanksgiving, my family can gather together and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal,” Ponce de Leon said. “Homemade food makes my house feel like a home.”

The buildup of work can make students especially excited to have a break from the long school year, according to Patzer. 

“My family is traveling to Sacramento this Thanksgiving to see family members,” Patzer said. “It is such a relief to have a respite this year and to be able to see my family,”

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and appreciation for loved ones. This year will be much different from recent years, according to Ponce de Leon.

“Covid was a hard time for our family as we were not able to see relatives,” Ponce de Leon said. “I am really grateful for this break.”