Warming up for winter

Coat drive hosted for the community

Sofia Kozlova, Reporter

In partnership with the national nonprofit One Warm Coat, students are able to donate used coats through Friday, Nov. 3. Collection baskets for the coats are placed on both the Broadway and Pine-Octavia campuses.

This drive was initiated by a Stuart Hall 6th grader and started on Oct. 26. In total, the company has hosted more than 43,000 coat drives, according to the One Warm Coat website. These coats will provide warmth in the winter for children and adults without cost.

“Donating a coat will lead to someone in need staying warm — instead of the coat sitting in my house unused,” sophomore Kaiya Koenigsburg said. “I like how this drive was about repurposing and how I could provide something I don’t find much use out of that would be beneficial to someone else.”

Drives like the Coat Drive are relatively easy to initiate, according to sophomore Leah Williams. Some of the school’s most popular drives are the Cultural Food Drive and the Christmas Toy Drive. 

“I really appreciate how our school is able to organize these service opportunities,” Williams said. “I also think our school makes service extremely accessible to students,”

According to Community Life Chair Michael Buckley, to start a drive like the coat drive, just reach out to the deans and create a plan for the service project.

“We want to support students in doing service,” Buckley said. “We’re especially fired up for those times when students themselves take the initiative to find a need and fulfill it,”

Due to factors like climate change, winters have been getting colder so it’s important to provide impoverished communities with resources —like coats— to survive the winter, according to Koenigsburg.

“I have noticed the winters in San Francisco getting colder,” Koenigsburg said. “Although I am lucky enough to have shelter and not be directly in the cold, not everybody has that privilege.”