UNICEF bake sale

Club holds bake sale for students

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

Today, club members hosted a bake sale to raise money for United Nations International Emergency Children’s Fund, or UNICEF. The theme for the bake sale was “fall treats”. 

The sale had a diverse selection of treats and was held during lunch in the Broadway main hall, according to freshman Sabra Bliss. 

“I like that they sold them during lunch,” Bliss said. “We could eat and easily walk to grab a treat and support UNICEF,” 

UNICEF is a non-profit organization that donates supplies and necessities to kids in need. At school, we believe in helping others and adding positive contributions to society, according to club-member and freshman Ella Patzer. 

“Being able to contribute and help our world makes everything more rewarding,” Patzer said. “I like being able to be part of a club that’s not only fun, but allows me to make a difference,”

According to UNICEF, $8,122 million were raised in 2021. Club members plan to increase that by using our school resources and donating even more, according to Patzer. 

The diversity in baked goods helped the profits and increased probability for future bake sales. According to Bliss, it will have been the first sale of many. 

“I am very excited for the upcoming bake sales and events,” Bliss said. “It’s important to raise money for people in need and have fun while doing it.”