Celebrating the saints

Students gather for All Saints’ Day mass


Heidi Yeung

Students gather inside the St. Vincent De Paul Chapel in uniform to celebrate All Saints’ Day. All Saints’ Day and Dia de los Muertos are celebrated on the same day, though Dia de los Muertos is a two-day celebration.

Heidi Yeung, Reporter

Today, high school students and faculty attended All Saints’ Day Mass at 11a.m. All Saints’ Day is a Christian festival created to celebrate and honor the saints of the church. 

“During today’s mass, I felt really connected with everyone and I really appreciated how everyone seemed so enthusiastic about the songs,” freshman Claire Li said. “It was also really nice to see everyone back in their dress uniform,”

Students made a short journey to the St. Vincent de Paul Church in cold weather and light rain. Being in dress uniform, especially the skirt and tights, made the trip difficult, according to freshman Ella Patzer.

“I don’t mind wearing dress uniform once in a while, but today it was inconvenient, especially on days with weather like this,” Patzer said. “However, I do think that wearing uniform at mass provides an additional sense of community,”

The mass today was the reason for this week’s unusual schedule. At first, the schedule caused confusion, according to Patzer.

“This week’s schedule was unusual, but everything went really smoothly,” Patzer said. “I hope that the rest of our community activities go as well as this,”

Today’s service involved songs, readings, and prayers. Many of the readings highlighted the history and the overall meaning of being and becoming a saint, whether recognized by the church or not. 

“Today’s mass was really informative and calming,” Li said. “All Saints’ Day is a great celebration that everyone should honor.”