Haunted Halloween

Students wear spirited outfits to school

Grace Warner, Reporter

Today, students sported costumes such as full length onesies, milk cartons, and pajama pants at school to celebrate Halloween. 

Students and teachers commemorate the holiday by coming together as a community to enjoy this annual day of fun through outfits and costume contests, said senior Noor El Qadah.

“I love showing off my outfit at school on Halloween,” said El Qadah. “My favorite part of the day is seeing other people’s outfits because it’s fun to see what they come up with,”

Halloween is as much a yearly ritual as it is an outlet for creative expression, according to sophomore Niamh Powell. Courtesy of the free dress allowed on this day, students pre-brainstorm outfits with their friends to come up with adventurous ways to celebrate.

“My friends and I always have fun coming up with outfits on Halloween,” said Powell. “We love to come together to come up with random ideas that are funny for everyone,”

Halloween has been celebrated for generations at Convent & Stuart Hall, and continues to be enjoyed throughout all age levels. Many teachers came to school in outfits from their favorite shows or books and inspired students to do the same.

“I love seeing the teachers dressed up because they normally seem so formal in class,” said sophomore Chiara Zeppa. “It’s great to see the whole school decked out, and always a fun day to enjoy,”

Following the school day, students plan to walk near their neighborhoods to trick or treat with family and friends, according to El Qadah.

 “Seeing the whole city dress up and go out to see everyone feels very nostalgic,” said El Qadah, “I’m glad that Convent & Stuart Hall goes all out for the students — it really makes the holiday fun for everyone.”