‘Midnights’ madness

Taylor Swift releases new album


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Taylor Swift singing single ‘ME!’. Swift has released a total of 141 songs and 10 studio albums.

Charlotte Morris, Reporter

This morning at 12 a.m, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album. Unlike her last album, composed of re-releases, this is a new album with new songs. 

After winning the VMA for video of the year on Aug. 28, Swift announced she would be releasing a brand new album which got people excited and enthusiastic, according to freshman Piper Leffert. 

“This album was so amazing and exceeded my expectations,” Leffert said. “I found it so entertaining and special to see her shift back into pop while also letting her songwriting talents shine,” 

‘Midnights’ has been receiving many positive reviews from critics and fans. According to Rolling Stone, Swift chases every emotion on the album like it’s the last one she’ll ever have — ‘Midnights’ was a highly anticipated album and it did not fail to disappoint. 

Swift announced a few hours after the release that she would be adding 7 more tracks to the album, according to freshman Elizabeth Fox.

“I was really shocked when she released the 7 bonus tracks just 3 hours later,” Fox said. “I love how you can see bits and pieces of each of her albums in this new one,”

The album features songs such as ‘Karma’, ‘Lavender Haze’, and ‘Mastermind’ — pop songs which reminisce on Swift’s other albums ‘1989’ and ‘reputation’. She also worked on songs such as ‘Sweet Nothing’, ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,’ and ‘The Great War’, which give the album more of a ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’ feel. 

While creating ‘Midnights’, Swift worked with long-time collaborator Jack Antonoff. Antonoff has worked on many of her previous albums and has been producing pop hits with Swift for a decade. 

“Taylor never fails to disappoint,” Leffert said. “I am never not in awe of everything she does and the work she puts out in the world.”