Pink power

Students wear pink to celebrate the Feast of Mater


Heidi Yeung

Freshmen Elan Elias and Elizabeth Fox highlight the pink colors of Mater by wearing pink. The tradition of wearing pink and having pink donuts dates back to the early years of Convent & Stuart Hall.

Heidi Yeung, Reporter

Yesterday, during community time, students and faculty gathered in the chapel to celebrate the Feast of Mater, a celebration that Sacred Heart schools hold annually.

“This was a really fun celebration to have,” freshman Ella Patzer said. “Learning about the history of our school is really important, and I’m glad that it can be a fun experience as well,”

During chapel, students were told the story behind the Feast of Mater. When student Pauline Perdrau painted a fresco of Mary, the colors of the painting were initially too bright and off-putting, but when a curtain was placed over it, the colors dimmed, making it appealing.

“I think the whole story of Pauline and Mater is interesting,” Patzer said. “It is yet another aspect of our schools that show how we are connected, even continents away from each other,”

The original painting can be found in France, but a replica of it can be found in every School of the Sacred Heart around the world. Both a statue and painting representing it can be found in the chapel at Broadway, and the Pine-Octavia campus has a painting of her in a window. 

“Showing up to school and seeing so many people in pink is really exciting,” freshman Claire Li said. “It shows a sense of community, femininity, and pride in our schools,”

After chapel, students were given a pink donut to represent the pink colors of the painting. Students were also encouraged to wear pink outfits the following day.

“I appreciate that we can all join together and celebrate Mater every year,” Li said. “It is an important tradition to everyone.”