Re-‘New’ accounts

Students’ ‘New York Times’ accounts reope


Junior Sarah Rasic scrolls through The New York Times using her school-provided subscription. Students in grades 9-12 were re-provided digital access to all The New York Times articles.

Annabel Roubinowitz, Social Media Editor

Students grades 9-12 and faculty’s free subscriptions to the New York Times have been re-provided. The subscriptions give students free digital access to all articles on the website.

“I’m really glad to have access to such a well-known and trustworthy news source at any time,” junior Ashlyn Grove said. “I’m very interested in reading all the articles,” 

Students have pre registered accounts on under their school emails. To sign in, use the confirmation email sent by under the subject line ‘Confirm Your Email Address’.

“As librarians, we get asked a lot by students for access to New York Times,” Academic Chair of Library Department Alyson Barrett said. “So we knew that the access would get regular, consistent and robust use,” 

Convent & Stuart Hall’s library subscription to the New York Times functions similarly to their subscriptions to scholarly sources such as JStor. All subscriptions are accessible through the school’s Libraries and Learning Commons database. 

“I haven’t used my subscription yet, but I think it’s really cool because not every school gives their students access to it,” freshman Addie Seheer said. “The New York Times is a really good resource to study a certain topic and see what’s going on in the world,” 

Convent & Stuart Hall is in a consortion with various other Bay Area high schools which have pre-existing subscriptions to news sources such as the New York Times

“Even though the New York Times is not a scholarly source, it does reflect credible journalism,” Barrett said. “But we are aware that all journalistic sources are biased,”

In order to maintain journalistically-biased balance, the library team is currently working on providing student access to an institutional subscription to The Wall Street Journal

“Nowadays it’s hard to tell real news from fake news,” Grove said. “It’s great to read an article from a news source I trust without having to do background checks on the authors.”