Don’t stress about the test

Students will take the PSAT next week


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This answer sheet resembles how the PSAT answer sheet page may look. To answer questions, students fill out the multiple choice bubbles in pencil.

Heidi Yeung, Reporter

The Preliminary SAT (PSAT) exam will be given to grades 9-11 next Wednesday. The test, which will take roughly three hours, tests students on reading, writing, and math skills. 

Freshmen and sophomores will take their test at the Broadway campus and juniors will test at Pine and Octavia. Arrival time is 8:15 and will be dismissed at around noon, according to an email sent by Head of School Rachel Simpson.

“I think the PSAT is really useful for those who want to practice and learn more about college standardized testing,” Freshman Claire Li said. “The PSAT also allows us to practice testing in a certain setting that resembles the real test,”

Students are not permitted to have access to iPads or other electronic devices during the test. They must bring a calculator, #2 pencils, and a water bottle, if they wish. 

“We still depend on standardized tests to track student progress and students will be able to see where they are,” Community Life Chair Michael Buckley said. “My advice — don’t stress out,”

Scores from the PSAT will not be sent to any colleges — they’re mostly used to track progress over the three years. Students will be able to see their scores and will be given details on how they did on specific skills a few months after testing.

“It’s not the end of the world, and the best attitude to have is to think of it as a challenge and an opportunity to take on puzzles,” Buckley said.”It’s just like playing Wordle every day,”

“Although the PSAT may feel stressful, I think it’s good for students to get a feel for how standardized testing works,” Li said. “It may be tough but it will help in the long run when we are nervous about exams during our senior year.”