Dress for Success

First full dress uniform day of the year


Sophomores Sarah Batt and Joelle Lai prepare to attend The Mass of the Holy Spirit in their dress uniforms. The mass occurs every year at the beginning of the school year to celebrate the start of the academic year.

Amrita Rajpal, Reporter

Today, students wore their full dress uniforms for The Mass of the Holy Spirit, which was held at Saint Mary’s Cathedral from 9a.m. to 11a.m. 

“I like that we don’t have to wear the uniform everyday, it gives us some freedom in our clothing choices,” sophomore Caroline Runneboom said. “When we do wear the dress uniform it is nice though, because you feel like you are part of a larger community.”

The dress uniform consists of a Burgundy sweater or blazer, skirt and dark tights or black pants, white polo shirt, and because some walking was involved, comfortable shoes were permitted.

The Mass of the Holy Spirit is an opportunity to pray for guidance and wisdom as we undertake the work of our Sacred Heart mission during the school year, according to Convent & Stuart Hall.  

Student body presidents from all four divisions concluded the service by reflecting on what the Convent & Stuart Hall community means to them in the context of this year’s theme ,curiosity. 

“I really like that we can wear the dress uniform whenever we want, and it is always an option to fall back on,” junior Isabel Ramírez-Knott said. “On dress uniform days I don’t have to worry about picking out an outfit because it is preset.”

Wearing the dress uniform on special event days is really nice, it allows Convent & Stuart Hall to feel connected to the other Sacred Heart schools, according to sophomore Nora Doherty. 

“I am looking forward to when I am a senior and I get to wear the navy cardigan,” Runneboom said. “The seniors wearing them represents that they are the leaders of the school and they have a different role in the community.”