School Pride Closes the Spirit Week

Students are decked out in school spirit for homecoming games.


Freshmen Heidi Young and Ella Patzer wear school merchandise as a part of today’s theme to conclude spirit week. Merchandise, such as Patzer’s pants, is available for purchase on Convent & Stuart Hall’s school website.

Fiona Kenny, Reporter

In preparation for multiple homecoming games this Friday night, Convent & Stuart Hall students and teachers show their school spirit on the final day of homecoming week. 

“This was the best way to wrap up spirit week,” said sophomore Annika Carpenter. “It gets us hyped and ready for the upcoming games tonight,”

All Convent volleyball teams play Urban tonight, and students find dressing up in spirit attire an engaging pre-game activity, according to freshman Ella Patzer. Today’s theme was also efficient for the students coming to watch the volleyball games immediately after classes end. 

“Spirit day is not only fun to wear but I like that it’s practical,” said Patzer. “It makes it really easy to go from class right down to the gym to support the volleyball games,”

While students like Patzer exhibit their engagement in the homecoming games, freshman Convent athlete Mallory Parent says she is looking forward to playing her homecoming volleyball game because of the participation from today’s theme. 

 “It was really great seeing everyone representing Convent & Stuart Hall today,” said Parent. “It made me excited to play my volleyball game tonight, knowing that the whole school is rooting for us,”

Today’s theme of spirit attire increased our school spirit, and accumulated student supporters for the upcoming games, according to Patzer. Even for those who do not play a fall sport, students were ready to express their enthusiasm on account of today’s theme.

“Even though I do not play volleyball for Convent, today’s spirit day theme was engaging,” Carpenter says. “Now I’m looking forward to supporting the volleyball teams later today.”