Double Take

Students ‘twin’ in matching outfits for second day of spirit week


Juniors Ella Woods and Roxy Comerford sport twin day outfits. This is the second consecutive year twin day has been included in homecoming week.

Grace Warner, Reporter

Today, students sported matching looks with their friends in support of homecoming spirit week. This week is a staple at Convent, and has been repeated with generations of students. 

“I love twin day because it makes school spirit feel more fun,” said senior Ella Woods. “Especially planning my outfit with my friends, which helps us get closer and to get excited for the new year,”

In preparation for the upcoming homecoming volleyball and football games, this day helps students come together in school pride and to become closer to the community, according to sophomore Maddy Aldecoa.

“I really like seeing everyone going all out,” said Aldecoa. “It makes me feel like a bigger part of the community and I’m really glad that we keep the tradition going,”

Most students participated in this activity today in anticipation and support of the school’s upcoming homecoming games, according to sophomore Phoebe Brockway.

“I’m excited to show my support for everyone who’s playing in a homecoming game on Friday,” said Brockway. “Twin day also gets not just individuals, but the whole community excited to share in the fun,”

Both the Stuart Hall and Convent campuses exhibited an array of different interpretations of twin tay today and was an amazing outlet for creative expression, according to Woods.

“Planning my outfit along with my friends was not only fun,” said Woods. “It also pushed us to be more creative to fit the styles of everyone,”

Tomorrow’s theme is decades day, Thursday is dress uniform day, and school spirit will conclude the week on Friday.

“We don’t get a lot of spirit days in general,” said Woods. “So I’m glad — especially as the Spirit Rep — that we get to be showing our spirit and creativity this week.”