Students get festive for upcoming spirit week

This year’s homecoming themes released



Spirit week leads up to the homecoming football and volleyball games. Spirit days help the community bond and get students ready for game days.

Sofia Kozlova

As homecoming week approaches, the student council released next week’s fun dress days. There are also other homecoming festivities like a pep rally and a banner battle between the grades.

“Spirit week gets me excited for the homecoming games and I feel like it’s a nice lead up to the games,” said junior Sofia Tobiason. “I also like that I can be comfortable all week while also wearing fun, spirited clothing,”

Some of the themes have been used for many years, though some are new additions —Twin Day has been a spirit staple for years, while decades day is something new. The themes for the whole week are Adam Sandler Day (Monday), Twin Day (Tuesday), Decades Day (Wednesday), and School Spirit Attire (Friday).

“Spirit days allow students to have some fun and it’s a great way to bond as a community while doing something fun together,” said Community Life Chair Michael Buckley. “It also allows people to get creative with their dress in order to fit a theme, which is always cool to see,”

On Sept. 29, students are expected to be in dress uniform for the Mass of the Holy Spirit — splitting up the themed clothing week. Students K-12 will gather at St. Mary’s Cathedral, as is tradition.

“I’m excited to not have to wear the full dress code and to have some more freedom with what I wear,” said sophomore Mila Kane. “It’s also fun to see people’s personal styles shine through and sometimes people go all out which is cool to see,”

These will be the first spirit days of the year , which comes after the update of the dress code. This year’s dress code requires a collared shirt, jeans or khakis, and close- toed shoes. If students plan to follow the spirit wear theme for the rest of the week, then they must dress respectfully, but not necessarily in dress code, according to Buckley. 

“Having spirit days is a good way for our school to have unity, because people are all wearing silly clothes but everybody’s doing it together,” Buckley said. “We all have a part in it and we all benefit from the laughs that spirit days bring,”

On Sept. 30, the homecoming volleyball game will take place against Urban School and the Stuart Hall football team is playing Upper Lake on the following Saturday. After the homecoming volleyball game, students are invited to a dance — and  are allowed to dress up or remain in school attire.

“Spirit days really let my creative side show,” Tobiason said. “I’m personally really excited for Adam Sandler day because I think that’s super funny and I’m excited to see what other people wear.”