Chapel celebrates religious and cultural differences

Students and faculty gather during community block


Amelia Batt

Senior Julia Kearney explains the details of homecoming week to students while LIFE Coordinator Bryan Lorentz prepares to lead the closing song. Today’s chapel also prepared students for the Mass of the Holy Spirit, which will take place next Thursday.

Amrita Rajpal, Reporter

Chapel today was held to recognize and celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and the Jewish High Holy Days, such as Rosh Hashana. This student led service included readings in both Spanish and Hebrew as well as music. 

“I enjoy chapel because I get to hear what is happening in the community,” junior Seda Perry said. “It’s also nice to have the whole school all together and hear other students take the lead,”

Part of the foundation of Convent & Stuart Hall’s goals and criteria is to foster inter-religious acceptance and dialogue — by educating people to an understanding of and deep respect for the religious and cultural heritage of all people throughout the world, according to LIFE Coordinator Bryan Lorentz.

“Chapel is our community’s opportunity to express and renew our shared values, to pray for each other and the needs of the world, as well as celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of our students, faculty and staff,” Lorentz said. “As we gather here together, we create and hold a space for one another and it’s a space we return to for strength, encouragement and preparation,”

Assemblies and school gatherings are important as they help to foster a sense of community, they also are important for communicating significant matters and can make a positive impact on self-development, according to Living Values.

“I think chapel is very important and meaningful because it helps create lasting bonds in the community,” sophomore Amanda Telfer said. “It’s also nice to have a moment of espacio as a school all together.”

Student leaders touched on the The Jewish High Holy Days at today’s service — which start with Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year, on Sep. 25 and end on Sep. 27. The Holy Days end with Yom Kippur on Oct. 5, according to Jewish Unpacked.  

“Going to a catholic school, we don’t get to hear about Judaism a ton,” said junior Kate Richardson. “I appreciated today’s chapel because it gave me a good overview of the upcoming Jewish holidays as well as Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated throughout the second half of September and the first half of October, and it began as a way to promote the history, culture, and contributions of Hispanic-Americans according to National Today.  

“I am glad that our school highlights other cultures and religions during chapel,” Perry said. “It allows us to have a larger world view and helps us to be respectful and appreciative.”